• [2019] Techno Feminine Event: AI to change the world – During my internship at DeepMind Montreal, I had this wonderful opportunity to participate in the Techno Feminine Event and showcase an RL demo to the lovely women participants. This was a wonderful chance to meet new and upcoming women scientists and computer programmers. Women representation in STEM is extremely low and such an event gives them to network, see more women in the field, get motivated, participate, and know that they have so much to offer to the field. My advisor Doina Precup gave a closing speech at this event. You can read more here. A detailed event program details are available here.


  • [2019] Skype A Scientist – I recently signed up for Skype a Scientist. I was matched with multiple classes. My first session was a class of 4th-grade students. I spoke about useful concepts in programming, in particular, recursion. The students were very curious and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting about AI, RL, and life goals in general. The students asked great questions ranging from my robotics projects to why I do what I do, what a day in an engineer’s life entails etc. I highly recommend signing up for Skype A Scientist.


  • [2017] Women in Innovation and Artificial Intelligence – Volunteered as one of the mentors for the kick-off event of the McGill Innovation Week. This event had the goal to celebrate the amazing research done by women in AI, and to inspire all the aspiring AI researchers of all genders with various mentors’ advice and inspiring careers.
Road to AI Presented by Maluuba, in Partnership with Element AI with all participants, mentors, and organizers.

During this event, I was fortunate to share my experiences and interact with a diverse audience ranging from graduate students to entrepreneurs. It was enriching to advise young minds on how AI needs brains from all walks of life to reach the future we envision. One of the students I met is studying physics at McGill and was very fascinated to know his subject expertise could improve ML-based walking robots. Read more about McGill  Innovation Collective.

  • [2017] EPICS High Showcase – Volunteered as one of the judges for the EPICS High Showcase event where high school teams demonstrate their science projects with Jennifer Velez from the Arizona State University.

An end-of-the-year event, designed to exhibit team projects and celebrate their success and impact on the communities around them. Industry partners, faculty, and staff evaluate students on their projects and how well they present the information. Read about EPICS High.

Congratulations to the 61 teams that competed in 2017 EPICS High Showcase. Amazing talent!.
  • [2016] Introduction to Computer CV for the robotics team Navajo Code Writers from the Navajo Technical University @YouTube: Recorded Talk


  • [2016] Mentor FIRST Robotics Competition:  for the robotics team 4118 Roaring Riptide, PK Yong High School, Gainesville. As a mentor, I taught programming and computer vision concepts during the build season and participated with the team in the FRC 2016  held in Orlando, Florida.

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